"Directing My Own Path " - Deon Williams


What I admire the most about Deon William he is truly directing his own path as an independent artists. He takes the process one day at a time, because he knows his aspirations are not an overnight journey. Deon Williams originates from Houston, Texas. Williams has dealt with the ups and downs of the music industry. Although Williams was deprived of direct support for his music dreams, his brother supported his music career. His older brother supported Deon by purchasing his first studio equipment.  Throughout high school Deon choreographed and performed shows during pep rallies.  He took initiative into uplifting his high school’s morale.  After high school, Deon Williams was offered a full scholarship due to his leadership and love for music. However, family circumstances became an anchor to his dream of attending college and studying music.  


Williams did not allow unforeseen circumstances undermine his vision of music. Deon continued to pursue music and he was offered a record deal with Sony. Due to an unreliable manager and attorney, he missed out on the opportunity to be signed with a major label. Once again, Deon was disappointed. He decided to start working again and he met a man who wrote songs for major artists. The songwriter told Deon he could write him a hit. Deon trusted him and reviewed his music credits. The song writer wrote songs for Rihanna and 50cent. Deon paid the songwriter thousands of dollars to write a hit for him. The man disappeared after the agreement to write a song for Deon, breaching the contract.  Williams learned to stop overly trusting the music industry. It was time for him take control over his career. 


 One of Deon’s characteristics is he is not afraid to take initiative. He started from scratch to build his own fan base. After building his fan base, he partnered with Pandora Radio. He hosts his own radio channel called “Deon Williams Radio”.  Also, he has nationally trademark his brand, Deon Approved.   


Deon Williams is who we call a Stand-Alone Artist. He is directing his own path. Defining his own platform. Currently, Deon is opening his own studio space for local indie artist to work, meet, and collaborate.

Alicia Smith