Michelle Obama Finding The One " Keep The Bar High"


So many women want to know how did Michelle end up with Barack? They are a unique couple, because they are both equally educated, waited to have children until marriage, and they built with and without each other. They are the lead example for all the women who spend years in education and pursuing their careers, who sacrifice their love life for success. As confident as I am I do become slightly neurotic about being terminally single from time to time. Most young men want to take the easy way out and choose women who really don’t have standards and expectations for themselves as well as the men in their lives. Social media does not help with the effortless “ fake relationships”. As long as a man can pay a bill, most of the women are down with the thrill. Whether the guy is a rapper, athlete, scientist, or pastor they all choose the women they only have to throw money at to keep the relationship. All of this can be discouraging for single women like me who want more than a financial connection to a man.

Michelle Obama says the perfect comforting words to the terminally single women who are waiting for the perfect man

“ High bar, ladies, High bar. Keep your bar High. Because it’s hard enough with a high bar, it’s hard. So you don’t want to start making huge , huge compromises in who you are and how you want a man or a partner to show up in your life. And I think it helped that I wasn’t looking. That I wasn’t thirsty. That I was pushing him off a little bit and he had to work a bit”.

In other words, Keep your standards high. After working hard all of your life, the last thing you want to do is settle for someone who will crash everything you have worked for as a woman. Also, make him prove himself to you. When a man works hard to get you, he will do even more to keep you. Men are like a business. Once they invest everything into the business, they will do everything they can to keep the doors open, because they worked so hard to get the business. Many men are the same way about women. The longer they spending investing into the relationship with a woman, the harder it is for them to easily walk away.

Alicia Smith