"Pimps and Pipers "

 “Pimps and Pipes “ - Featuring The Movie Acrimony 


I really thought single independent women worked hard for themselves, not to make enough money to pimp a man into a relationship and marriage , then call it “love”. 

Why do a great number of Single independent women trade everything they have for the pipe? The pipe is a man who has nothing to offer except pipe- pipe love, pipe dreams, pipe lies, and pipe sex. His love is conditional based on what you can offer him and how long he can control you. 

Some single independent women pimp men and themselves out for love and marriage. If you are one of those women whose reaction line when a relationship is failing is that “I’m  an independent woman. He should be thankful, since I do everything for him, “ then you are in the pimping business. In the pimping business, there is no true love. Only the cycle of control, money, temporary gratification, sex, and abuse. 

Perhaps, there is a  deep insecurity lying within some single independent women. The insecurity of not being good enough without your resume, degrees, and salary. Maybe you haven’t taken out the time to develop your identity and personality.  Although you are a go getter, you lack assertiveness. You are willing take care of everybody, but do not require anyone to take  care of you. Sometimes you are too afraid to ask for care. Other times you feel like you are less of a woman, if you happen to need someone. 

The relationship business starts off by loving someone for who they are, not what they have.Begging and paying men to choose you for what you have instead of who you are as a person, is a recipe for disaster . He’s either going to use you to death or choose a woman who is not flaunting what she have to offer a man. Single independent women must stop trying to buy the love of a man. True Love from a man is free and genuine.

Flaunting what you have to offer a man whether it’s your degree, salary, or vagina  is going to always attract the wrong men. Flaunt your personality. Create some standards and boundaries for yourself as well as prospective men in your life. Ironically, you look the most needy by giving everything you have worked for as a single independent woman to a man in exchange for love. 


Alicia Smith