"High School After High School ? "


The men we want don’t want us anymore. Social media is the high school after high school for single sophisticated men. You would expect the Barack Obamas to chase after the Michelle’s Robinson’s. However, sophisticated single men no longer want real women who have real careers and lives. These men have exchanged maturity for popularity. They desire popularity, because they are still stuck on who they were in high school. Social media keeps us anchored to who we were in high school. Between facebook memories and adding old classmates, it is a continuation high school. Sophisticated single men are still connected to people in their past that they needed to disconnect from in order to grow up. They are still trying to win the approval and validation by their high school classmates.

The airhead cheerleader is now the IG models who have social media popularity. These men are replacing women who have real careers and lives for women who only source of income is commissions from posting outfits. Most Single Sophisticated men were nobodies in high school. Despite graduating from college and building a career, they are still seeking high school popularity. They love chasing the fake women. Fake women who have fake careers, fake followers, fake ambition, fake bodies, and fake lifestyles. They love fake women to complement their fake lifestyles of the z-list celebrity or the popular guy.

Unfortunately, real women with real lives, real careers, real degrees, real houses, real cars, real bodies, real salaries, real designers, and real ambitions aren’t even considered wife or girlfriend material. Real women are the new one-nighters. Sophisticated men will spend all of their money on a date with a popular woman with no sustenance. Then, they try to mold the IG Model into a real career woman. Very few decent men want to date authentic women. Decent men no longer care about adult things such as mortgages, good credit, or living a real life style. They only care about impressing Social Media Senior High School. Real women didn’t graduate from high school and college just to go back to high school.

Social media is giving the nobodies another chance to live their high school dreams of dating the airhead cheerleader. However, the nobodies never talked to the popular guys. If the nobodies talked to the popular guys, they would discover the popular guys would trade-it-all for the introverted, smart, pretty, quirky girls in high school.

The only reason why Mr. Popular never had the opportunity to marry the introverted, smart, pretty, and quirky is because he was never in her class….

Alicia Smith