Victoria's Secret

Once upon a time there was a princess name Victoria Secret. The reason she could keep her man was because she wore lingerie and believed in keeping her secrets.


I notice women struggle with being dishonest. Sometimes dishonesty works like a vaccination to a feverish relationship. I know our emotions feel harmless, but it can be anthrax if we aren’t careful how we express ourselves. We presume only men struggle with communicating, but women struggle communicating too. Men do not express enough. Women express too much. Both genders must find a balance. Perhaps, men should practice rolling out information and women should practice reeling in information. Rolling out means to slowly reveal information. Reeling in means to rapidly conceal information.

Without dishonesty a relationship will prematurely distress over small issues. Have you experienced a relationship when things are good it is pure bliss, but when things are bad it is enough to end the relationship in less than 5 minutes? Dishonesty is the middle ground and balance between Pure Bliss and World War III. I always wondered what was the missing element in my good relationships abruptly going bad. Perhaps, Revealing too much too soon makes you an Emotional Floozie. No man or woman  wants to deal with an emotional floozie early in a relationship.  I think dishonesty is a good policy.

Men have already mastered dishonesty for the sake of their relationship, but when will women do the same?

Alicia Smith