The Scarlet Letter


Nathaniel Hawthorne created the letter “ A” ornament as a symbol of Adulterer. The first time I read " Scarlet Letter”, I thought of all the things the “ A” could symbolize. I thought of words such as Agony, Act, Attachment, Addiction, Acknowledgment, Aggression, Abashment, Abasement, and Adulterer. The A ornament represents two more words: Attention and Ayesha.

The act of superficial attention requires you to be degraded cheaply to a numerical number. Women measure men based on how many cars, the size of his house, the size of his p__is, and how much money in his bank account. Men measure women based on the size of her a__, breasts, and looks.

Mrs. Curry desires the equal attention her husband receives. Furthermore, she wants the same attention “ groupies and IG sex workers” receive. I cannot help but wonder, do she even notices those type of women are treated cheaply by men. We live in a time, women are confused between likes and being liked.

However, A Sagacious Woman love acknowledgement. She likes acknowledgments and compliments from things that’s produced from within herself. She’ll smile the hardest when you complement her real hair, cooking skills, witty personality, cleaning skills, nurturing habits, promotions at work, salary raise,or finishing the semester strong. And she love you even more when you laugh at her corny jokes. 

Men do not treat sophisticated women cheaply, even if they have sex. They treat certain women with the upmost respect, whether she’s single or married. Mature women know that men treat certain women differently, but being treated differently is not necessarily less or more respect. From experience, men are protective over sophisticated women. As a single sophisticated woman, I cannot remember the last time I received cheap attention from men. The men who give me attention are the ones who walk me to my car, help me take off my heels as I get into my luxury sedan, and make sure the ends of my dress do not touch ground. If I have a date, other men way of showing me attention is the fact they shake my date’s hand and speak to me.

I do not understand why would any married woman want to be treated like she’s cheap by men. Gentlemen know not to stare too hard at women, because staring can imply a potential Ted Bundy. In my opinion, Mrs. Curry is stuck with a high school fantasy of teen boys staring, cat calling, and pulling her hair to get her attention.Nothing is worse than high school flirting and jack rabbit sex. Just like all sex isn’t good sex, all attention isn’t good attention. And a wise married woman would only want both from one man.

Alicia Smith