"Ribbed for Her Pleasure"

As I walked down the intimate aisle in Walgreens, the Trojan ribbed condoms caught my attention. The ribbed condoms are for her pleasure, not his pleasure. Are relationships suppose to be ribbed for her pleasure too?


A man asked what do girlfriends supposed to do in a relationship? The answer is nothing at all. There are no written or unwritten rules about what a girlfriend suppose to do. The test of a man preparation for a relationship is his ability to discern a good woman, bad woman, and the right woman. There is no such thing as a woman impressing a man after he pursues her. If she spends time impressing a man who pursued her, then he did not find a girlfriend. He found a slave.

A man should never obligate a woman to prove she is a good or right woman, after he chases her. Excuse my French, but it is an ass backwards concept and an ass backwards way of thinking. Presently, men have it easy. They do not have to plan and gain the nerve to ask a woman on a date they see everyday in the student lounge. All they have to do is send a message on social media to get a woman’s attention. The least a man can do after having it so easy is impress the woman. Why is impressing and pursuing the woman all the time is considered too much for a man to do ? Men cry all the time about a woman not allowing them be the man in a relationship. However, when it is time to be a man, they want to complain and blame women for not doing enough in relationships.

Men have to realize the dating and relationship process is like a comedian inviting you to their show. The comedian is suppose to do the stand up and you are suppose to sit down. Men invite women to their shows. Therefore, men are expected to stand up and do their best ribbed performance in the relationships.

Ribbed sex and relationships are all for her pleasure….

Alicia Smith